Barcamp Visualization Training
Quick Check
- everybody has a A4 paper and a black marker + color if available
- Everybody gets sound and picture
Warm-up/ Short introduction. (5 Minutes)
Draw a picture of what you might have been, if you would not have become a scientist.
"Cook your own visualization" Crash Course: (100 Minutes)
1: Cooking utensils (5 Minutes)
Minimum: black marker & paper…. Upto colors, post-its, iPad

2: Ingredients (30 Minutes)
Lines, Texts, Textboxes, characters, emotions, objects, abstract subjects, colors

3: Fast Food (15 Minutes)
Science Pictionary

4: Recipes for 3 simple dishes (15 Minutes)
Situation, Process, Transformation

5: Cook yourself (20 Minutes)
Make a visualization of something you really like to share with others (a key insight, experience, message)
- Example 1 "How to make pancakes"
- Example 2 "Visualization is not just about processes, but also about human connections"

6: Group tasting! (15 Minutes)
Random Groups of 3 people presenting each other their picture in 5 Minutes
Good-bye & Comments. (5 Minutes)
Share your visualization and message in Telegram

10 Minutes Buffer.
Short CV
Christian Ridder creates "big pictures" for companies and other organizations, visualizing their visions and strategies, processes and projects.

He offers graphic recording (documenting meetings and conferences), visual facilitation (supporting workshops), business illustrations and animated explain videos. In trainings, he teaches managers and coaches how to use drawings in communication and creative thinking.

Christian Ridder has studied industrial design engineering. After 18 years of experience as an Innovation Manager for Sony and Deutsche Telekom, he started BUSINESS-as-VISUAL in 2013. Christian Ridder is born in the Netherlands and now lives in Berlin.

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